Whether you’re training, showing, working, for therapeutic use or pleasure, EquiTech has the pads to accommodate your needs!

At Equi-Tech LLC, we have developed products that solve many saddle pad issues. Our company and products have found that saddle pad sales increased substantially and the TACKY-TACK™ pads take a large portion of other retail pads sales volume.

These are patented, single-source products that are priced at the low to mid-range of the better saddle pads on the market. They are a great value for the consumer!

Our TACKY-TACK™ saddle pads have layered construction of foam-coated polyester fabric that will not stain, discolor, dry out, or tear under normal use.

Our TACKY-TACK™ saddle pads are designed with proper padding located at the saddle bar pressure points with extra padding at the withers and spinal pressure relief.

Our saddle pads and bags come in styles to fit any and all breeds, and offer protection and comfort for all.